Ensemble Works

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First performance     
Date: October 18, 1972
Venue: Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, Queensland University
Flute: Janine Wenck
Clarinet: Stephen Kershaw
Piano: Tom Pommerel


For tuned triangles and percussion (6 players) (20’)

First performance     
Date: March 5, 1978 
Venue: Town Hall Auditorium, Christchurch, New Zealand
Performer:s: Percussion:s de Strasbourg

Commissioned by Musica Viva, Australia


For flute and bassoon (10’) 


For clarinet, violin, viola & cello (13’30”) 

First Performance     
Date: September 11, 1982 
Venue: University of NSW, Sydney
Performer:s:    University of NSW Ensemble (now known as Australia Ensemble) 

Commissioned by Musica Viva Australia 


For flute, trombone, percussion & piano (18’) 

First Public Performance     
Date: March 3, 1984
Venue: Toe Truck Theatre, Ultimo, Sydney 

Commissioned by Flederman 


For piano, viola & clarinet (12’) 

First performance     
Date: August 7, 1984
Venue: Tara Anglican School for Girls, Parramatta, Sydney
Piano: Nigel Butterley
Viola: Darrell Townshend
Clarinet: Kevin Murphy 

Commissioned by Tara Anglican School for Girls to commemorate 25th anniversary and the opening of the new auditorium


For Four Percussionists: rewritten to include newly built treble and bass alembas (18’) 

First performance     
Date: October 6, 1985 
Venue: Recording Hall, Sydney Opera House
Performer:s:    Synergy 

Rewriting commissioned by Synergy


For string quartet (11’) 

First performance     
Date: August 16 1991;
Location: Newcastle, NSW
Performer:s:    Auryn Quartet 

Commissioned by Petra String Quartet


Duets for violin and piano (10’)
I Cushion Plants
II Stoppers
III Serenity Sound

Official premiere: Sydney Spring Festival 1993
Commissioned by John Carmody


For clarinet, piano viola and cello (6’ 23’‘) 

First performance     
Date: July 27, 1991
Venue: Nickson Room, University of Queensland

Commissioned by Perihelion, Queensland