Orchestral Works

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For soprano and orchestra (25’)
I Night and Dreams 
II Song of the Housewives
III To Watch the River
IV Rhinestones
V Sick Song 
VI God

First performance     
Date: April 12, 1986 
Venue: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
Orchestra: Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Soprano: Elizabeth Harwood
Conductor: Antonio De Almeida 

Commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 


For string orchestra (24’) 

I With Reverence
II Delicate and Subtle 
III Sometimes Vigorous and Fast
IV Utterly Sacred: In Honour of 40,000 Years

First performance     
Date: August 26, 1987
Venue: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
Orchestra: Australian Chamber Orchestra

Commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra 


For orchestra  

Producer:  Tall Poppies 1992 
Orchestra: Australian Youth Orchestra
Conductor: Graham Abbott

Requested by Belinda Webster for her Christmas CD: CHRISTMAS UNDER CAPRICORN (TP016)


For soprano and orchestra

First performance     
Date: October 24, 1995
Venue:  Melbourne Concert Hall
Orchestra: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Roderick Brydon
Soloist: Helen Noonan

Commissioned by the Mackellar Australia Remembers Committee (president, Bronwyn Bishop) 


For violin, viola, cello and orchestra (20 min) 

First Performance     
Date:May 2001
Venue:ABC Studios Brisbane
Orchestra: Queensland Symphony Orchestra


For soprano, choirs, organ and orchestra

Translated by Judith Hemschemeyer

1.    No, not under the vault of alien skies, 
2.    In the terrible years of the Yezhov terror
3.    Mountains bow down to this grief
4.    That was when the ones who smiled
5.    They led you away at dawn
6.    Quietly flows the quiet Don
7.    No, it is not I
8.    You should have been shown, you mocker
9.    For seventeen months I’ve been crying out
10.    The light weeks will take flight
11.    And the stone word fell
12.    You will come in any case
13.    Now madness half shadows
14.    A choir of angels sang the praises
15.    I learned how faces fall
16.    Once more the day of remembrance draws near

First performance     
Date: March 31, 2010
Venue: SOH Concert Hall
Performing body: Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and Orchestra
Soloist: Leanne Kenneally
Conductor: Brett Weymark



First performance     
Date: January 19, 1988
Venue: Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne
Orchestra: State Orchestra of Victoria 
Soloist: Ffrangcon Davies 
Conductor: Mark Neikrug

Commissioned by Victorian Arts Centre Trust