Vocal Works

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For soprano, cello and piano (30')

1 The First House 
2 Poppyshow 
3 Phantom and Fang 
4 The Flicks 
5 Twelve Mile Corroboree 
6 Les 
7 Burning Bridges 
8 Marriott Street Redfern
9 Beauties across the Street
10 Mummy, Mummy
11 PS
12 Clancy in Hospital
13 Gypsies
14 The Dream
15 Goodbye, Sydney

First Performance     
Date: October 15, 1992
Venue: Sydney Spring Festival, Eugene Goosens Hall, Sydney
Soprano: Helen Noonan
Cello: Julia Ryder
Piano: Lisa Moore 

Requested by Roger Woodward for the Sydney Spring Festival


For soprano and piano accompaniment Part arrangement, part original composition 

Commercial Recording     
Date: December 3,1991
Recording Title: Woman’s Song: Songs By Australian Women Composers, New10422
Soprano: Helen Noonan
Pianist: Peter Locke

The work was also performed by Helen at the MelbourneComposing Women’s Festival in 1994 

Commissioned by Helen Noonan 


For soprano and orchestra

First Performance     
Date: October 24, 1995 
Venue: Melbourne Concert Hall, 
Orchestra: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Roderick Brydon 
Soprano: Helen Noonan 

Commissioned by the Mackellar Australia Remembers Committee (president, Bronwyn Bishop)


For Soprano:  and Piccolo Trumpet

1 Who is that coming up from the Wilderness
2 Abide in my Love

Also as part of this work
Heart of Our God
Arrangement and some original composition

First performance    
Date: June 13 2000
Venue: St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney
Performer: Joan Carden

Commissioned by Kincoppal-Rose Bay for the Jubilee Mass of Thanksgiving


For soprano, flute & cello 
Original poem by Juan Martinez and commemorates those who fell or jumped from the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001

First performance    
Date: 2005 
Venue: San Diego, USA 
Performer: Fiona Chatwin

Requested by Fiona Chatwin and financed by Ken and Liz Nielsen 


For baritone and piano 
An arrangement from the composer’s opera, Lindy 


For voice and piano


For Soprano:  and Mezzo-Soprano:  and piano accompaniment, The poems in the cycle are Lovely How Lives and Or Just Miss

First performance    
Date: June 2, 2012
Venue: Sydney Grammar School, Small Wonders concert 

Commissioned and performed by Halcyon and funded by the Australia Council

This work will be reset for small instrumental ensemble and will be premiered in its new configuration in 2013 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Halcyon (Alison Morgan and Jenny Duck-Chong) 


First composed in 1987 and substantially revised
For baritone and piano 

1 But shall I go mourn
2 Lawn as white as driven snow
3 When daffodils begin

Recorded by Michael Halliwell and David Miller for commercial release in 2013 


For soprano voice and piano 
Songs 2, 3, 4 & 6 currently being arranged for piano accompaniment.

1 Night and Dreams 
5 Sick Song