Wild Card: The Dorothy Hewett Song Cycle


For soprano, cello and piano (30')

1 The First House 
2 Poppyshow 
3 Phantom and Fang 
4 The Flicks 
5 Twelve Mile Corroboree 
6 Les 
7 Burning Bridges 
8 Marriott Street Redfern
9 Beauties across the Street
10 Mummy, Mummy
11 PS
12 Clancy in Hospital
13 Gypsies
14 The Dream
15 Goodbye, Sydney

First Performance     
Date: October 15, 1992
Venue: Sydney Spring Festival, Eugene Goosens Hall, Sydney
Soprano: Helen Noonan
Cello: Julia Ryder
Piano: Lisa Moore 

Requested by Roger Woodward for the Sydney Spring Festival

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