Music Theatre & Opera

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For soprano, mezzo soprano and mixed ensemble (flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, viola, cello) (20') 

First performance     
Date: October 6, 1984
Venue: Seymour Centre, Sydney, 
Soprano: Donna Balson
Mezzo soprano: Meg Chilcott 
Other performers: The Seymour Group
Conductor: Myer Fredman

Commissioned by The Seymour Group Libretto for the opera, Chloe, written by composer 


A chamber opera for soloists and large instrumental ensemble 
Libretto: Judith Rodriguez and Moya Henderson 

First performance:    
Date: October 25, 2002
Venue: Opera Theatre of the Sydney Opera House
Company Opera Australia

A series of four performances

Commissioned by Opera Australia


This version of the 1973 piece was performed in The Studio at the Sydney Opera House on March 14, 1999 


For two cellists and two music-theatre artists

First performance    
Date: November 30, 2010
Venue: Ensemble Offspring, ‘Sounds Absurd’ concert 
Actors and Musicians: Katia Moleno and Carlos Gomes, from Kantanka Theatre; also the cellists Geoff Gartner and John Addison 

This concert was to honour the great Musik-Theater composer (and my teacher), Mauricio Kagel (d 2008) 
Uploaded to YouTube

Commissioned by Ensemble Offspring