Confessions to my Dogs


Arranged for mezzo profondo and mixed ensemble (flute, saxaphone, clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin & cello) 

1 The Manly Monkey
2 Power Play 
3 Real Power 
4 A Money Problem 
5 Survival Waltz 
6 Run your Money through a 'Suer' 
7 What about a Goal in Life
8 What's the Time, Mr Wolf?
9 Nightmares 
10 The Tragedy 
11 The Wake 
12 Poppy 
13 At Last I'm Free
14 You and I 
15 The Casino 
16 From now on/Reprise of Real Power

Commercial Recording     
Date: July 1988
Producer: David Hare (Ozm 1003)
Performers: Judy Connelli and Magpie Musicians
Conductor: Lesley Larkum

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